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Zeus ToolKit
Zeus Toolkit was first put into development in january of 2014 for the use with the Allwinner A13 tablets. Since its birth the tool has progressed rapidly with new functions which make repairing/modifying a breeze compared to doing it all from a command prompt and coding scripts etc..  
The tool can automate tasks which some might find hard to do manually for instance editing the script.bin

The ability to analyse your devices hardware such as CPU Information, Battery Statistics and Much more.
The ability to download and flash custom roms and custom recoveries
The ability to edit the a13 script.bin and customize the build.prop
There are many more features included in the application which support both the Allwinner A13 and the Lenovo Tab2
To install just download the setup file named ZeusToolKit.ex and run it.
Where To Find Us
Alternatively you can use the live chat option in the bottom right of this website to chat live if we are online or to leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.